Memories Made

photo credit: Tess Farnsworth Photography

Morgan’s compassionate support both during my labor and postpartum have been invaluable to me. She was a very calming presence when my labor got a little scary and pretty difficult. Her experience with infertility and loss helped her understand my fears, insecurities, and struggles better than anyone. She has also been very helpful post partum. I’ve had to go over my birth multiple times and she has patiently listened and reminded me how things happened (it’s amazing how quickly I forgot). I did not realize how important it would be to talk about my birth with someone that was there. Her insight has been very helpful post partum and has been a major part of my healing from a birth that didn’t necessarily go the way I had intended. She is so passionate about helping women have an amazing birth experience. I am so thankful that she was a part of my birth experience and if I have another I plan to have her as my doula.Alicia McNamara 

Photo Credit: Natalie Bee Photography

Morgan was a blessing to have at our birth. She was easy to feel comfortable with and eager to help. Many times I found her attending to my exact needs before I could even ask. She is encouraging and calm. Morgan came prepared with pain relieving methods and even happily set up her own music to create my ideal birthing environment. I am so thankful for her presence and help that lead us to the perfect birth of our son.Caitlin Hennessy

I could not have done this without Morgan’s support- and I mean the whole shebang, pregnancy all the way up to delivery day. Her support, calming presence and knowledge base is invaluable! She helped me navigate the challenges of a high-risk pregnancy and the unknown of an induction & successful VBAC birth! Morgan was able to anticipate and meet my needs before I even realized there was a need. She remained the backbone of our labor and delivery experience… I would even say we had FUN, sharing laughs & stories along the way to a perfect birth outcome. My husband has also voiced that he would’ve been lost without her! She will always hold a special place in the heart of our family for all she has done for us! Please do yourself a favor and invite Morgan on your pregnancy & birth journey. You won’t regret it!

  • Julia Carlson

Photo Credit: Nate Robinson Photography

I owe Morgan the world! She helped us for almost the whole 46 hours we were in labor and we couldn’t have done it without her! Her stamina, steadiness, kindness, knowledge and support were exactly what we needed when we were wearing thin and didn’t think we could make it. She was such an asset to our birth team and I would recommend her! She will be the extra set of hands, calming presence or the right words you will find you need. The pre- and postpartum visits are icing on the cake and offer security in knowing who she is and what to expect beforehand and celebration in what we accomplished afterward. Nate, Isaac and I thank you so much!

  • Faith Robinson

Photo Credit: Laura Fifield Photography

Five stars aren’t enough. I first met Morgan after I had just experienced our first loss. I was recovering from an emergency tubal litigation surgery. She came over and offered the best thing any person can offer at that time, a listening ear and understanding. After waiting the recommended time to TTC my husband and I were able to get pregnant again. It was with this pregnancy that we hired Morgan as our doula. She visited with my husband and I and we talked about our birth plan which included a hospital birth and receiving pain relief. Most people would think if that’s the plan you may not need a doula, but I will definitely that is not the case. Towards the end of my pregnancy, one of the most valuable things Morgan offered was the check in’s via text message. I could both celebrate and complain about all things pregnancy and unlike venting to my husband she didn’t try to “fix” it she just listened and acknowledged my joys and disappointments. Finally, when labor really did really start of course it had to be 2:30 am! Morgan answered my text within minutes and quickly met us at the hospital regardless of the late hour. That’s where her training and experience really was able to shine! She anticipated my needs, calmed my nerves, spoke softly, was there when comfort when necessary, but also had times she’d step back and let my husband be part of the birth experience as well. After our baby was born she stayed long enough to make sure things were going well before excusing herself until our postpartum visit approximately a week later. In summary, Morgan being part of our birth team was a big factor in achieving our perfect birth. Her cost was worth every penny for what she added to our experience. My only regret is not hiring her sooner!

– Lila McDermid