Doula Services

Morgan Brooks, Birth Doula     (Bereavement Services are available)

Please Contact me for current rates.

•1 free, no-obligation, in person consultation. This is a great opportunity to make sure I would be a great fit for your desired birth experience.

•2 prenatal visits:

Prenatal visits include: discussion about your pregnancy experience, prenatal medical history, desired birth plan, breastfeeding support, questions/concerns from mom and dad, emotional support/discussions about labor and delivery process

•Unlimited text/phone support through entire pregnancy and early labor

•On-call availability from 38 weeks to delivery (must have 2-hour notice) *back-up doula provided in the event I am more than 2-hours away or on vacation

•1 postpartum visit:

Postpartum in-home visit include (1-2hr planned and scheduled visit): Emotional and physical support, breastfeeding support and/or referrals, help with light cleaning (dishes, folding laundry), meal prep, holding baby while mom rests/showers/bathes or help with older children while mom and baby rest

•Complete and unlimited access to my library of fertility, pregnancy, labor & delivery, and breastfeeding related books and/or DVD’s.

•Educational resources and referrals (lactation consultants, placenta art, encapsulation, belly casting, etc)

*I do not offer clinical or medical services or advice. I do not provide cervical checks and I am not able to diagnose. If you are concerned about medical or clinical needs for you and/or your baby please contact your physician or midwife. 

*Personal Experiences: miscarriage, infertility, infertility treatments, repeat pregnancy loss, rainbow baby, pre-term labor, natural-unmedicated labor and delivery, hospital birth.

*I am not a professional photographer however I am more than happy to take pictures with your personal phones/cameras. I will also provide you a list of local professional birth photographers.

*I believe pregnancy and labor & Delivery can be a very intimate spiritual time of growth. I am more than happy to provide prayer and spiritual support that is biblically based.