“There is power that comes to women when they give birth. They don’t ask for it; it invades them. Accumulates like clouds on the horizon… And passes through… Carrying a child with it.”  

-Sheila Kitzinger

Photo Credit: Susan Johnson

Birth is an empowering moment in a woman’s life and she deserves the experience she desires. As a trained doula, I know to trust the mothers instincts. Knowing that she knows her body best. I also trust the natural process of labor and delivery. My job is to help support her in her decisions and birth journey.

My goal is to provide loving, comforting, emotional and physical support during a very exciting life event. Pregnancy and childbirth is a sacred time within a family. My hope is that each family has a beautiful experience. These moments you will remember for a lifetime!

Pregnancy and birth can also be a very emotional time. Families who have endured loss from miscarriage or stillborn often find their subsequent pregnancy, labor & delivery to be uncertain. As a Loss Mommy myself, I understand the emotional needs to navigate through a scary, yet exciting time. My desire is to support the family and be an empathetic heart willing to always listen and navigate those feelings.

I am also painfully aware that sometimes we don’t get to bring our baby(ies) home with us. My passion and desire is to provide compassionate emotional and physical support through miscarriage or stillborn.